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New York Progressive Action Network - Southern Finger Lakes (Bernie's People) Local Chapter

NYPAN of the Southern Finger Lakes would like to extend our endorsement to Peter Keenan for the office of Chemung County Legislature, representing the 12th district. Peter's work within the NYPAN organization and in our community demonstrate his excellent credentials to this position. Peter’s work on voter outreach focusing on disenfranchised voters, canvassing for the New York Health Act, and recent work on behalf of the Poor People’s Campaign highlight his dedication and commitment to serving the people of Chemung County. His 20 years of experience serving in the non-profit sector also speak to his ability to effectively communicate and implement his vision for Chemung County. Peter is honest, reliable and willing to put in the work to best represent both the people of his district and our county as a whole. We believe Peter is the person best qualified to be our next 12th district legislative representative * NYPAN of the Southern Finger Lakes is the local chapter of Our Revolution, the movement begun with Senator Bernie Sanders’ 2016 Presidential Campaign

New York Progressive Action Network (Bernie's People) State of New York

NYPAN, the New York Progressive Action Network, was founded in December of 2016, following the 2016 elections. The founding chapters were all grassroots organizations that had formed during the Bernie Sanders campaign in New York. Volunteers in these organizations, many of them entirely new to politics, became heavily involved in their communities, built networks and made lasting friendships. At the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia, representatives from these grassroots organizations met up and decided that, even though the primary was over, the movement was too important to abandon. They chose a time and location to meet again, back in New York, where they voted to incorporate and set up a 501(c)4 organization.

Working Families

Working Families is a growing progressive political organization that fights for an economy that works for all of us, and a democracy in which every voice matters. We believe that our children’s life chances must not be determined at birth and that America must be a nation that allows all its people to thrive. What we do Working Families is building progressive power to renew the American Dream. Here’s what we do: We run aggressive campaigns to raise standards for working families. Since our founding, we’ve won minimum wage increases and passed paid sick days laws in states and cities; fought off school privatization schemes; raised taxes on the rich to fund hospitals and schools; created tens of thousands of green jobs and passed the nation’s most innovative plans to tackle student debt. We are electing the next generation of progressive leaders. Working Families recruits, trains and elects leaders who share our mission to local and state office in a growing number of cities and states. From small-town school boards to big city mayors, from county legislators to members of Congress, we’re sending Working Families Democrats to office to help build an economy that works for all of us. We organize. We reach hundreds of thousands of people every month, knocking on their door, calling on the phone, or in your inbox, to give people the opportunity to take action. Our work doesn’t end on Election Day. After elections are over, we need to work just as hard to hold all our elected officials accountable to the needs of hard-working families.

Front Porch Politics

Trailblazers PAC Leslie Danks Burke, founder, and president of Trailblazers PAC

Peter Keenan attended our February 2018 workshop in Elmira, NY, and has made honest government a cornerstone of his campaign. The building blocks for clean, honest government are grounded at the local level, and Trailblazers PAC is proud to stand with Peter,” said Leslie Danks Burke, founder, and president of Trailblazers PAC

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